Yoga Teacher Training in Coastal Northern California. Are you ready?

"I don't think I'm good enough at yoga to sign up for teacher training." I hear that comment a lot. Actually, I said it myself six years ago. I was participating in a yoga fitness class at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Some other guys were there for teacher training. … Continue reading Yoga Teacher Training in Coastal Northern California. Are you ready?

Cooking and Eating in Bali

I love the food in Bali! During two months there it seems I was always eating, but still losing weight. Of course I was teaching and/or practicing yoga daily, hiking, gardening, etc., but a few pounds easily and surprisingly drifted away. At the Jiwa Damai Retreat Center where I taught yoga the meals are strictly vegetarian. Often before dinner I would … Continue reading Cooking and Eating in Bali

Boston, Stolen Artwork & the Yoga Sutra

February 25, 2017 In Yogic philosophy Aparigraha means to take what is necessary and no more. I'm making a two hour drive south from my house in Lebanon, New Hampshire into smack dab downtown Boston. That's two hours on a good traffic and weather day, which is a roll of the dice in these parts. But guess … Continue reading Boston, Stolen Artwork & the Yoga Sutra

Viewing the Bali Sky from Fish Pose

November 15, 2016 I'm in Matsyasana, and this is what I see. When in Matsyasana - a yoga asana also referred to as fish pose - one lays down, elevates the chest and lowers the head backward...gently touching the top of the head to the floor. Even from this upside-down perspective, the Balinese morning sky above our retreat center looks magnificent. … Continue reading Viewing the Bali Sky from Fish Pose

Rice Fields & Waterfalls = Freedom

November 14, 2016 Bali's beauty blows me away. It's on display in a variety of places across it's 2,200 square miles, but no more so to me than in its rice fields and waterfalls. From our Jiwa Damai retreat center where I teach yoga I often walk through the nearby rice fields. The minute I … Continue reading Rice Fields & Waterfalls = Freedom