Viewing the Bali Sky from Fish Pose

bali-view-in-fish-pose-oct-2016November 15, 2016

I’m in Matsyasana, and this is what I see.

When in Matsyasana – a yoga asana also referred to as fish pose – one lays down, elevates the chest and lowers the head backward…gently touching the top of the head to the floor. Even from this upside-down perspective, the Balinese morning sky above our retreat center looks magnificent.

The benefits from practicing this pose are many, including a nice stretch in the chest and neck, toning the parathyroid, pituitary and pineal glands. Being in Matsyasana also means  this morning’s yoga class is winding down; I use it as a counter pose after being in Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) and Halasana (plow pose), and just before easing down to conclude the class with a rest in Savasana (corpse pose).

Ah, the sky above Bali! When does it look its best? Now: mid-morning after yoga? Or how about sunrise at the beach? Or first light from the summit of Mount Batur? Midday when puffy clouds explode above the rice fields? Pink dusk above the jungle canopy? Sunset over the Indian Ocean?

I’m grateful to have witnessed all those remarkable views. I’ll show them to you, and let you decide:







Yoga is the reason I was able to travel and check out Bali’s beautiful sky. It has become just another unexpected benefit as I travel the world teaching, learning and sharing a yoga inspired life. Here’s yours truly practicing Matsyasana/fish pose before teaching a class in New Hampshire. Dude needs work 🙂


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