Preparing for Yoga Retreats on an Important Sunday in France

One thing perhaps we all agree on: There are few things as welcoming as a French table set for a meal. This past Sunday in the south of France began beautiful and at peace, birds chirping outside this country castle the only sound in the 7:00 a.m. sunshine. A serene scene, quite the opposite of the election of the … Continue reading Preparing for Yoga Retreats on an Important Sunday in France

Yoga in the South of France

It's a beautiful French day so of course lunch takes place outside the castle I will be working at for this month of May. The countries represented at our table include not only France, but also Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Syria and my U.S., so our passionate discussions I am able to sometimes follow, yet often times can't.  But when I hear … Continue reading Yoga in the South of France

Manresa on a Top Fiver

This afternoon, after walking up streets and pathways to see recommended churches in Manresa, I stopped in a bar for an Estrella Damm and saw the Spanish version of "Wheel of Fortune." But I'm getting ahead of myself on the day's events. Better to start at the beginning. From our yoga retreat castle Anima Mundi in Canet … Continue reading Manresa on a Top Fiver