Ramblin’ Barcelona’s La Rambla


No trip to Barcelona is complete without an afternoon or two perusing the Erotic Museum.

Just kidding, though that was a fun sentence to write.

No, not on this sun splashed 70 degree perfect spring day will I be inside Museu de l’Erotica, even with a Marilyn Monroe lookalike with flowing dress beckoning from the third story window. Cold rain is back in the forecast for the weekend so on this March 30, 2017 my focus remains outside in Barcelona, strollin’ down the famous La Rambla. As a smart farmer might say, I’m making hay while the sun shines.


Barca_LaRambla1 “The one street in the world that you will wish never ends,” is not another farmer quote.  This description of La Rambla comes from a Spanish poet, Federico García Lorca. I jumped on the subway at Placa d’Espanya and four stops later ran up into the sunshine at Placa de Catalunya, the square that’s considered to be Barcelona’s center and the top end of the 1.2 kilometer long La Rambla. After the quiet of the yoga retreat in the countryside of Canet de Fals, Barcelona offers the other extreme – LOTS of people, sights and sounds. Here are a few images from the afternoon:


Statue or person? Dropped a Euro in the hat and an expanded smile gives her away.


Many cyclists in Spain, here in Barcelona and also outside the city where the rolling rural roads look tremendous for riding. Wish I had my road bike, but it’s back in my New Hampshire basement.


I check a few side streets off La Rambla where it’s much, much quieter.

There’s graffiti, and then there’s this graffiti. A homage to Picasso who spent his formative years here? His museum in Barcelona will be visited and added to this blog soon!


I take a break for some tapas, fried squid with lemon and mayonnaise. The waitress tells me I made a good choice. She’s right, it’s very good, especially with a local beer. But at 13 Euro it’s the same price I paid last week in my little village an hour outside Barcelona for an awesome three course lunch that also included wine, dessert and coffee. Welcome to the big city!


The Christopher Columbus Monument at Port Vell marks the ends of La Rambla. It’s rockin’ down here as well with crowds of happy people just chilling, enjoying life. Nothing like a gorgeous day in a beautiful place to make that happen!


After train and bus rides this trip ends at dusk when I complete the walk through vineyards to the yoga retreat castle where I’m staying. Quiet here, man. Which do I like better, bustling Barca or serene Canet de Fals?


Ha! I like them both.

Love and Peace,




9 thoughts on “Ramblin’ Barcelona’s La Rambla

  1. Snowing here today and not ending until tomorrow afternoon.  I wish we were having 70 degree weather.  Spring can’t come soon enough. You make a fantastic tour guide with your pictures and narrative. Sent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App

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  2. Your posts continue to be inspiring and uplifting. Wonderful to see you are living every moment in the true awareness of now!

    ” Now –that’s the key. Mindfulness trains us to be awake and alive, fully curious, about now, waking up from our fantasies is now, and even the fantasies are now. The more you can be completely now, the more you realize that you’re always standing in the middle of a sacred circle.” Pema Chodron

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